How Does This Work?? 

I cook delicious food just for you -

For "Traditional Private Chef Service":
On a mutually agreed upon date, Peggy will come to your home with all of the ingredients and utensils necessary to prepare the meals you would like. Your choice of five entrees from our menu are prepared (4 servings each), along with appropriate side dishes. The food is left in attractive containers with complete directions for heating and storage. Many of the meals can be frozen for later use, and you choose from individual, dual or family sized portions. Your kitchen is left clean and your home smells wonderful. 

I also offer weekly meal preparation service for clients who prefer not to freeze.

Or - We deliver meals to your home!

You can also choose from a smaller set of weekly menus prepared in our commercial kitchen, packaged just like the home cooked meals, and have them delivered to your home. A minimum order is necessary- please call or email for the weekly menu listing.

You reap the benefits of my organic herb garden and the years of contacts I have made in the food service industry to get the best quality, freshest ingredients possible.

See Fee Structure for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

My kitchen isn't "gourmet"- can you really cook here??

We need a working stove, oven, refrigerator. Nothing fancy! We bring all pots, pans and equipment necessary. All we ask is free counter space and some room in your fridge to leave you meals.

What if I want some meals for children and some for adults?

You can choose from over 80 meals to make up your 5 entree selections. Many clients with children will pick 2 "kid friendly" meals and 3 "grown-up" meals. Prices remain the same for all entrees.

Email us to make an appointment or call 650-248-7342