Welcome to my political movie page! I've begun to compile reviews of some of my favorite political movies, please be sure to send me suggestions for movies you'd like to see here.  In the spirit of my chick-flick movie page, the opinions are completely my own and the selection criteria completely random!

An American President - No trailer trash need apply when Michael Douglas is President - Annette Benning has class, brains and great hair.  The right-wingers still try to make a federal case out of it, proving even a widower President can't get any in peace. (chick-flick cross-post)

Being There - Peter Sellers shows us the cold truth:   the most successful politicians speak so that we all think we know what they are saying and it's what we want to hear.

Citizen Ruth - This movie about the abortion wars skewers everyone.  No stereotype goes unpunished from the polyester holy rollers, to the slick organizer, to the lesbian avengers, to the biker security.  How you can cheer for the drug-addled pregnant woman at the center of the controversy would seem unbelievable, but by the end of the movie, you will.  A comedy about abortion?  Black comedy for sure, but comedy nonetheless.

The Contender - A woman Senator is about to be named Vice President.  There's just that little problem of those steamy college frat party pictures.  Will she do the easy thing?  Will the Prez do the right thing?  Will you catch the important clue in the first scene?

Dave - The Chief goes down hard during a grueling session with a close personal aide. A look-alike is brought in by the presidential fixers and of course kicks butt and takes names.  Ben Kingsley explains why I ran for office. (chick-flick cross-post)

Dr. Strangelove - Peter Sellers in a tour de force of three fabulous roles. Required watching for that upcoming fluoridation debate.

Primary Colors - That settles it, Emma Thompson for President. Oops, she's not an American. Is politics ultimately unavoidably corrupting? And is it OK if you're corrupt for all the right reasons? Kathy Bates thought not. Great scenes of how mundane most politics is, with powerful flashes of life-changing decisions.

Wag the Dog - Painfully funny commentary on the perceived power of the media. When the President reaches out and touches an especially young fellow American the opposition accuses him of feeling more than her pain. Eleven days before the election Robert De Niro comes in as the ultimate Mr. Fixit and calls on Dustin Hoffman to produce a war. ("A pageant really...") The cast includes Willie Nelson composing jingo-jingles on demand and the Fad Guy working on the merchandising tie-in's.

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