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Welcome to Rosey's Chick-Flick Page! If you love romantic comedies and great love stories, check out my fav films. If you're a guy who hasn't seen a movie in the last 5 years without Vin Diesel or the governor of California, you may want to get your movie advice from Joe-Bob Briggs. If you'd like to go on an actual date with an actual woman however, you may want to use this as a cheat sheet.

Chick Flicks in the News!

Kirk Baird, the pop-culture writer for the Las Vegas Sun featured the chick-flick page in an article about date movies for Valentine's Day.  Check it out!

Rosey's Chick-Flick Rating Scale

All the movies on this page are personal favorites, but I've ranked them on the level of "chick-flick"-ness they've attained:

If you think you're ready for a movie without car chases, try these first.
If you're comfortable in your masculinity, try these for a first date.
Made it to the second date? You might be ready for these.
Not for the beginner! Serious chick-flick action, possible kleenex action.
In the pantheon of chick-flicks. Only for the most advanced chick-flick-ophile.

In Theatres Now

Memoirs of a Geisha - The book was fabulous and the movie was even better. A lush textile art exhibit with a love story along for the ride. Gong Li as Hatsumomo, the bad geisha, is electrifying.

Now in Video

The Corpse Bride - Ok, it's not out in legal video yet, but I saw 3/4 of it on a getting-up-for-popcorn-in-the-video dvd and loved it. The music is awesome, the dialogue charming and the story powerfully touching.

Your Chick-Flick Video Store List

All-Time Classic Chick-Flicks

Let me hear from you! Send suggestions for movies you think should be included:

This page was last updated January 3, 2006.