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EAP allows customers to perform the following functions:

Gives our customers access to information 24x7x52.

Access Emergence information anytime from any web enabled device.

Configure EIF to shape traffic flows. 

Access to the Emergence Intelligent Fabric (EIF) configuration page, which allows customers to shape traffic flows on the fly by specifying exactly how the customer wants certain types of traffic handled with Emergence s Backbone infrastructure.

Access to real time and historical reports on their links.

Allows customers to access real time reports generated through HP Openview, giving the overall status of Emergence s network as well as specific information pertinent to the customers network connections. Historical reports up to 12 months old can be viewed through Concord Network Health of Emergence s network and customers specific network connections.

Increase bandwidth on the fly.

Some Emergence deployments offer the customer the ability to increase bandwidth on the fly, Bandwidth can be increased in 1 hour increments and with flexible payment options (see below), Emergence provides customers with the tools to keep them working.

Order, provision and customize new or existing services via the web.

Once you have placed your initial order with Emergence and have an EAP login, you may order additional order new services, provision additional services to existing circuits, and customize your new and existing services via EAP to provide you with the greatest flexibility.

Check the status of orders and Request an expedite on a new service.

Customers can check the status of orders and deployments in real time and may request an expedite on a new service if your business requirements suddenly change.

Check invoicing, payment information and provide payment options.

How helpful would it be to have the ability to check invoicing on line, change payment information details or even make a payment on line using a credit or debit card for those times when you have to increase bandwidth for a few hours, but don t want the hassle of cross charging different departments, we think very helpful, so we give all of our customers the ability to do this.

Schedule meetings with Emergence personnel.

On top of being able to speak to our operations engineers 24x7, you can schedule meetings with your Emergence account team on line, arranging a time for a conference call and knowing that all of the key players will be there to support you in your business requirements.


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