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exam4 fedex french garbage guard

Dr. Laila examines kindergarten student

FedEx and Dell computers

Frenchized bakery

Garbage collection in Kabul

Guard in Wardak

karzai khairkhana khairkhana1 khairkhana2 khairkhana3

President Karzai billboard

Khair Khana hospital in Kabul

Maternity unit at Khair Khana hospital

Newborn at Khair Khana hospital

Zarlasht, Dr. Dantoni and maternity directory at Khair Khana hospital

khairkhana4 khairkhana5 khairkhana6 khairkhana7 khairkhana8

Khair Khana maternity directory examining surgical equipment donated

Pre-delivery ward at Khair Khana hospital

Post-delivery ward at Khair Khana

Incubators at Khair Khana hospital

Delivery room at Khair Khana hospital

kinder kinder2 kinder3 kinder4 kinder5

Microrayan kindergarten students

Student at Microrayan kindergarten

Students at playground at Microrayan kindergarten

Microrayan kindergarten students singing a song

Microrayan kindergarten students on playground

kinder6 mannequin medicine medicine1 medicine2

Microrayan kindergarten students on playground

Butch mannequin

Medicine shopkeeper and translator Zarlasht bargaining for medicines

Where exactly do you want me to put this box?

Rosemary, shopkeeper and Dr. Dantoni buying medicines

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